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Saturday, November 27, 2010



I just want to share, that last week was the finals for my student who is taking the International Cuisine course with me... I have 4 sections, and an average of 20 students per sections... fuh to many to handle... well Alhamdulillah every thing went well... So, for this sem's final exam I wanted to do something different, as all of us knows now a days there's many shows on astro that show a  cooking competition and I'm influence by that... so why not this time I do a black box concept for the final exam... hehehe... actually that black box concept will identify the truly identity of that certain chef... I know that my students are under qualified, but its exam right, and I want to expose something new to them, I wanted them to cook with their soul, show some genuine touch in their cooking and whether they can be resourceful with just limited ingredients, cooking is not just following recipes... sometime you have to improvise... Well... hehehehe... Before the exam I already explain to them what are the rules, I wanted 2 person in a group, 2 course (appetizer and main course), 2 portions, and 2 secret ingredient... the secret ingredient will be known on the exam day... hahahaha... Well it give them goose bump listening to the rules... I know some of the don't take it seriously, Hmmmmm..(making an angry face)..... so here are the top 5 appetizer out of the 4 sections and the top 5 main course out of the 4 sections, they are hand picked by me, because they show me genuine, resourcefulness, and soul in their masterpiece... its a work of art... (smile on my face)


No 1: goes to this dish, a masterpiece by Syuk, and Jon
Asian Bean Sprout Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

No 2: goes to Izzat and Nasrullah
Stricky Beef and Vege with Pumpkin Guacamole wrapped in Tortillas

No 3: goes to Naem and Kien
Sweet Potato in Beef Roulade serve with Pickled Mayo

No 4: goes to our lovely couple Audi and Diyana
Bean Sprout and Carrot Rolled in Stricky Beef serve with Spicy Special Sauce

No 5: goes to Zaimah and Ali
Breaded Tapioca Paties seasoned with Mince Beef, Fresh Herbs


No 1: goes to the Masterpiece by Naem and Kien
Grilled Fillet of Beef served with Mushroom Au'Jus accompanied by Rooms Potatos and Onion Confit

No 2: goes to Izzat and Nasrullah
Grilled Rack of Lamb served with Mushroom Herb Sauce accompanied by Cheesy Mash Potato and Sauted Vege

No 3: goes to Syuk and Jon
Herb Crusted Chicken served with Mushroom Sauce accompanied by Wrapped Saute Vege and Potato Au'Gratin

No 4: goes to Azuan and Hishaam
Sea Bass Wrapped in Stricky Beef served with Garlic Vinaigrette accompanied by Tomato Salsa and Baby Potato

No 5: goes to Dalilla and yusrina
Sea Bass Roulade served with Poissons Volute accompanied by Garlic Mashed and Bean Sprout Salad

Well, thats all the top 5 appetizers and main course... For the others who didn't make it to the top 5, does not mean that their dish is not good, but it is just that they did not put enough soul in their dishes... and I know some of their products end up in the rubbish bin, because it deserve to be in there.. I hope that teaches everyone a lesson, take things more seriously next time, put your heart and soul in your work... thats it from me..


Monday, November 22, 2010



Steak oh steak, 
you are so beefy,
you melt in my mouths,
you make me fall,
with just salt and paper,
plus a strong D'ijon  mustard... you make my day
and its a Sunday....

Fuh, last Sunday was great... its started with a plan for a movie outing, and it end up with a whole lot of beef all day.. hehehe our first stop is Chilie's at MidValey Mega Mall... before the Zohor prayer we had lunch there, we had the Mushroom Fajitas.... well its a good "Appetizer"... hehehehe

 the condiments for a good Mexican cuisine... I think I want to add this in the syllabus for next semester..

Then we watch "unstoppable" where there's Denzel Washington in the movie... well in the end they stop the train actually, don't know why the movie called "unstoppable"... hehehehe ok enough of the boring MidValey story, after Asar prayer we head straight to the long awaits so call my ever wanting to dine in at Las Vacas... finally I've lay my foot step at the restaurant... wow it feel as if it is a great achievement hehehehe...

Anyway #clear throat* Las Vacas used to be just a butcher shop located in Kelana Jaya... then they expend to a small restaurant which took of very well and they sell good HALAL quality meat... so we decide to have an early dinner... yahooooooo

This is what I had, a medium well, 270gm Angus rib eye steak... with just salt paper and a good strong Dijon mustard... I feel like a kid again.... I don't know how to express my self... the beef so tender it melts in my mouth, the flavor is not similar to the Aussie beef... huh! 

This is what she had, a medium well Aussie grass feed 180gm rib eye steak... hehehe 

(the sound of satisfaction)

P/S: LAS VACAS (in Spanish)
Literally: The Cows.
(Las = The, Vacas = Cows)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Husbands Nite out at Baffalo Steakhouse


It is still not late for me to wish to all Muslim in the whole word Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha... Hmmm actually I got a new post for every body. Last Tuesday, me and the boys went out for a husbands nite out, hehehe... well actually theres 4 of us and 3 of us a happily married hehehe... The get togather started actually since 3 of my buddies just got new babies... so their wives have to be in the "pantang" mode for 44days and sent back to their mothers to take care, so they are all officially single for the time being... hehehe thats what they told me, I don't know I'm not married yet... hehehehe

Actually our plan was to go to better place then this one but it was the holidays so plan A was cancle and we proceed to plan B... We end up at Sunway Dataran Mentari, here located a restaurant called Buffalo Steakhouse.. hmmm where do I start... The environment was fine, comfortable, casual family concept with a theme of parquet and wooden interior... ok now lets go to the food I ordered the premium set....

start with the soup (but they didnt give me the soft rolls)
this is mushroom soup, its their soup of the day, but I thing its lack of flavor.. I can taste the mushrooms but I don't taste any base flavor.. I think they use water... arghhh...

heres our drinks... tasty,, Mmmmm

the main course (not so exciting)
we ordered 1st the lamb chop, 2nd the chicken with cheese sauce, and lastly baked fish (they use dory) I hate Dory yuk! its a cheap fish

and our desert yum yum I love chocolate ice cream

Well how was that, the best part of this restaurant is its cheap... so you get what you pay, emm or its the other way around, you pay what you get.... hahahhaa. 
My rating for the place 3 and a half thumbs up for the environment and service out of 10...
for the food I give 2 and a half out of ten.....

Bufallo Steakhouse,
Jalan PJS8/18, Dataran Mentari,
46150 Petaling Jaya.

Tel No:
03 - 5630 0023

Operation Hour:
Daily from 10.00am - 12.00am

P/S: one more thing I forgot, I ordered mixed salad with thousand Island dressing, but it never came... and their waiter don't speak Malay or English... except that one untie... very friendly, she even give us free ice cream.. hehehe

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Butter Cream Cup Cakes


On my birthday 22nd of October,  my student did a surprise party on me... it was fun, never in my 5 years at unirazak ever my student celebrate my birthday hahaha... and they give me presents too.. so sweet of them, one of the present is a box of chocolate made by one of my students... her name is Tasha, and she said that she makes other pastries to, her passions are into pastry and cake decorations. She practice it base on her own interest, but she is still learning. So, I decided to order one of her product, my intention is to support what she is passionate to do, so I realized that she can do Cup Cakes... hehehehe....

On the 8th of November, my Cup Cakes was delivered... I ordered 1 dozen with RM2.50 per piece and it was nice the appearance was pretty, the taste was very buttery and sweet, just how I like my cup cakes... who ever wants to order from her can do so, just by contacting her through facebook Tasha Perry and you can leave your order on her wall.

So, for those out there who have the same kind of interest and wanted to share the experience and wanted me or someone to comment or review on their product can share with me... just leave your URL and I will visit your blog...


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cuisine where the sun rise...

 Japanese Cuisine

I just bought this Bento box... 

 many types of sushi

 Garlic fried rice Japanese style

 many types of sushi


 California roll

 many types of sushi

 many types of sushi

many types of sushi


Friday, October 8, 2010

Food Of Asia

Wanton Dumpling


Here are some of the dish that me and my students prepared in our International Cuisine class, it is all prepared in our new kitchen, which is bigger and cooler... hehehe

 Roasted Sesame Chicken

 Mushroom with Oyster & Broccoli

Saffron Rice

 Madras Curry

 Onion Tiru

 Kashmir Chicken