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Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Turkey Story...

Here I would like to share my first attempt on cooking the Turkey... as you all know Christmas is around the corner, so how about trying the Turkey once in a while, for thanks giving... hahaha... actually it was a requested by my boss, she wanted to have turkey for our staff party... well as you all know, who other then the man him self is on the task to prepare it.... then after the great performance... my boss again requested the turkey for the second time.... this time its for an appreciation lunch due to the leaving of our very own Vice Chancellor Dato' M.... and guest what... I quote Dato' M said "Chef, the food was 5 star".... fuh! that was a relief....  

 Raw turkey before preparation

Ok lets start by preparing the Turkey or how the Chef always said... lets do the Mise-un-place.... right.. emmm yeah its a frozen turkey, so remember to buy a day before... defrost it, then soak in brine for 1 whole night... yeah 1 night... brine? whats that?... Brine (click this)..... ok for my brine I used 5 cup sugar, 5 cup salt and a gallon of water, as long as it cover the turkey.... put in the chiller and rest.... I know there's lots of recipe for brinning out there... but I'm doing basic... hahaha... chill bro...

Then, the next day.... take out the turkey and remember to pat dry your turkey with a kitchen towel... make sure the turkey is dry... by now you will notice the texture of the turkey's flesh is diffident... this is the effect of brinning.... ok lets get cooking... in a hot pan melt one block of butter (250gm) then add in springs of Rosemary and springs of Sage (fresh herbs) to the melted butter until the fresh herbs wilted.... we're making herb butter here.... ok... next with a pastry brush, brush the butter on the skin of the turkey... don't forget between the skin and the flesh to.... then the wilted herbs put in the cavity of the turkey... the  I saw a lemon.. so I cut in half, squeeze the juice in the cavity together with the whole lemon to... nevermind after the turkey cooks you can throw it away.... it adds aroma... yeah... and lastly don't forget to season the turkey with salt and pepper....

 Cooked turkey after in the oven for 3 hours

Make sure you pre-heated the oven at 180'c.... so when the oven is hot... with the strength that I got, I carried the 5kg per bird... woooo 10 kg (two birds ma) in to the hot oven and slowly roast it for 3 hours... mean while you can prepare the other side dish.... what ever you want to do... hahahhaa...

 Presented Turkey ready to be served

After 3 hours... take the turkey out... and remember to let it rest first... if you have a thermometer like I have one... poke the thigh and check if the temperature have reach 75'c to 80'c... then its done.... rest for 10 to 15 minute... then you carve.... with a smile on you face... it shows that you cook with your heart and soul... 

 Staff party

Other side dish to go with the turkey

Appreciation Lunch for Dato' M

Lastly I would like to thank my students who were involve in my attempt to prepare the turkey... you guys did a great job, thanks to my boss who put a lot of trust in me, my colleagues.. and especially Dato' M.. you are great.... remember cook with your heart and soul... and ENJOY!....


Monday, December 12, 2011

My Salmon Story.


I just wat to share my slmon story...

The fat man with the Salmon

The fat man filleting the Salmon

layer the brioche dough, then layer the braised leek, then rest the Salmon on top

wrap the Salmon and finished with egg wash

score portions 

baked in over at 220'c for 20 min, then rest for 10 min.


served with herb Mash, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, and Vinaigrette.

Baked salmon Brioche Recipe

Salmon fillet (skin off)                   1.5kg

For brioche
            Dry yeast                              1tsp
            Castor sugar                        60gm
            High protein flour               500gm
            Fresh milk                            150ml
            Eggs                                     2nos
            Egg yolk                               4nos
            Butter                                   150gm
            Salt                                      1/2tsp

For braise leek
            Leek                                       600gm
            Garlic                                    3nos
            Salt                                        1tsp
            Butter                                    100gm
            Bay leaf                                 1nos
            Thyme                                   1 spring
            Water / stock                       100ml            


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ayer Rock Butcher & Grill

I want to share this one place that is located in the heart of Bukit Jelutong, It's called Ayer Rock Butcher Grill. I don't know how the name of the restaurant came about but this place was suggested by my long lost friend heheehe... well I'm glad that now Shah Alam resident can enjoy a proper juicy steak, even though I know a few more places that are more excellence... not to down grade the restaurant but I think they can do better... they say they serve "Premium Butcher service & awesome dinning experience, fine meats, juicy steak, and Massive burgers"

The pics above shows their interior decor and ambiance, nicely done... I can say that the menus are affordable not many choice but ok lah... presentation is a bit rustic... but suitable with the cowboy concept... my opinion is a grill dinner doesn't have to be a cowboy concept... people can be creative rite...

Chill Meat counter display chiller
Love the Display showcase

Medium Premium Sirloin (RM30 net.) 
"Medium perfection and meltingly tender"
I have a bit of a problem with the in-house sauce, it doesn't work for me...

Medium Well Premium Sirloin (RM30 net.) 

Salmon Steak (RM30 net.) 
Something fishy about this... 
(if you go to a butcher you order meat, and if you go to a fish monger you order fish) 

Beef & Chicken Sausage Set (RM13 net.) 
"My recomendation"

ERkKKK! excuse me! hehehe

My rating is 5 thumbs up for service and a 8 out of 10 thumbs up for food

Ayer Rock Butcher Grill
Ayer Rock
Lot 04-G D-Bayu Jalan Serambi
U8/24 Bukit Jelutong
40150 Shah Alam
Tel: 0172337533 / 0361426233


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Laman Grill


It has been a while since I write something about a restaurant, or the best places to dine... Well here I got a post that will make you drool... Have you guys heard about LAMAN GRILL (Bar-B-Q) well this place is located in the heart of Shah Alam, A pure dining experience with foods that being prepared by Masters Chefs... hehehe... Well lately I've been watching to many cooking competition shows on TV and Youtube... The best ones are Iron Chef, Top Chef, Chopped, Junior Master Chef and many more... these shows are some good shows because not only the competitor compete but at the same time they give good knowledge and information to.
 OK back to the restaurant... The owner of this restaurant is Chef Zubair Zain, to me he is one of the Master Chef in Malaysia... I heard he is working with Le-Meridien KL Sentral as an Executive Sou Chef, but I'm surprised that when I went there Chef Zubair was in the kitchen, and I feel so pleased as I know on that day our food was prepared by the Master him self.

 The interior of the Restaurant

The Interior of the Restaurant are welled planned, very cozy decor with news articles of Chef Zubair, the medals that he won, and his certificate that he achieve, and its all for the customer to see, the restaurant also have a nice surrounding, the ambiance is very warming, nice lighting, and what caught my eyes was the open kitchen, it has a big glass window wall facing the restaurant and another one on the side of the kitchen facing outside, so the whole world can see how clean the kitchen are... 

Now lets talk about food....
Crispy Squid Fritters (RM13.50) 

Forrest Mushroom Soup (RM13.50) 

Meat Lover's Combo Platter (RM59.50) 
a combination of seven (7) dish in one platter, 
In the picture : Braised lamb On mash, Buffalo Wings.
 In the picture : Fillet Steak with herbs potato, Beef Lasagna, Lamb stew
 In the picture : Lamb Kebab with potato wedges
 In the picture : Chicken sausage with sauted vege
Tiramisu (RM12.50)

Chocolate Caramel Banana (RM12.50)

Did you guys believe that I had all that... hehehe, actually I went there with my friend Khairul Anuar (General Manager) and we had all that food... and it was a satisfaction visit, worth the money and worth the experience. My expression of the food that I had on that day was, it feels like I was one of the judges in Iron Chef competition, and every thing was done perfect, I feel every herbs, every sweetness, every flavor that was attended for customer to taste... fuh.. I'm all out of words... I truly recommend every one to dine at the restaurant....

My rating is 5 thumbs up for service and a full 10 thumbs up for food

The location of the Restaurant:
Laman Grill
No G33, Block 5
Laman Seri Business Park
Seksyen 13, 40000 Shah Alam
Tel: 03-55237386

P/S: sorry for the photos, I forgot to bring my camera, and I borrowed Anuar's camera phone... But I'm planning to go there again....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

GAS Petronas Battle of the Chef 2011


On the 28th February, My students went for the Gas Petronas Battle of the Chef 2011 which was held at SSTWO Mall in Kelana Jaya.... It was a good exposure and experience to my students....

Chef Khairil Izwan
Chef Zaimah
Chef Syuk
Chef Zamzani as the host
The famous Chef Jasman as the invited Judge

Congratulation, proud of you guys...