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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Keropok Lekor Kuantan


On the 19th of December 2009, FHTM research team went on a recce (riki) mission to Kuantan, Pahang. The mission is to identify the boarders of Pahang Coastal area... along the way we manage to find lots of interesting thing, especially along the coastal area, the view was very magnificent....

But, what is interesting about this post is that we found in one of the area along the way there's this one kampung at Cherating there's a family business that produce our local culinary delight which is "Keropok lekor" its an east coast of Peninsular Malaysia's signature dish.... usually found in Terengganu.

keropok lekor is a dish where by it is eaten in the evening as a tea time dish... it is made from any kind of fish, but usually made with ikan tamban, kembung, or tengiri. The easiest way to describe Keropok Lekor is to call it fish sausage.. hehehe...

This is the are where the production takes place

The owner are well equipped with the right equipments

the cooking process 1st boil, then deep fry...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pulut Kuning


Pulut Kuning is one of the Malay culture special dish, it is made from gluttonous rice soaked in water with a little turmeric as a coloring agent and it is cooked using steaming method and season with salt and coconut milk for that extra flavor. Usually Pulut Kuning is serve with Rendang, gulai, or sometime sambal tumis, depend on which state of Malaysia you are from. For me I like it with Rendang daging. This so called special dish is usually serve during special occasions such as weddings, majlis berkhatan, majlis khatam Qur'an, majlis cukur jambul, or engagement ceremony. Basically the symbolic of serving Pulut Kuning at this occasion is to show respect and gratitude to the guests, they say without the Pulut Kuning the occasion will loose its sense of harmony... well that's what the old folks told me hehehe...

Enough oh history and culture session, for this post I wanted to share with you guys that last Saturday on the 11th of December, my Auntie ordered from me this special dish of Pulut Kuning, she said its for her friends wedding... so I check my schedule and I'm free on that date, so with out delay or any hesitations, I made her request came true...

This is the preparation, I don't want to do like in those day presentation, I wanted to present the Pulut Kuning my own way, the modern way. hehehehe... the problem I face during the preparation is before this I visualise the Pulut Kuning with parsley leaves, but as I purchase the raw material, I couldn't find any parsley, I went around from market to super market in Shah Alam and I couldn't find any parsley... So I start thinking critically and finally I found something green to replace the parsley... hehehe and it makes my Pulut Kuning more attractive compare if I'd used a parsley... Job well done...

this is what it looks like in close up

the view of the rendang, my mom said its the best rendang I ever made.
my secrete is to cook without a recipe.

another angle of the Pulut Kuning

this one I just get carried away with shooting my product hehehehe

and lastly the whole picture...

Just to share some info: actually I'm doing this as a side income for me depend on my busy schedule, if the time is rite then I'll take the job....

If anyone interested, my package are:
1kg plus rendang RM150
2kg plus rendang RM250
3kg plus rendang RM350

(each kg equivalent to one layer) you can just email me at

Oreo Cheese cake

This event happens early this month, I use to follow my ex-students blog, her passions are into pastry and cake decorations. She practice it base on her own interest, but she is still learning. I saw a few product of her in her blog and it was amazing. because most of my ex-student they say that they have the passion for culinary but in the end after they finish study they work somewhere else, it feel like if they don't appreciate what we thought them, even though the knowledge is for a life long learning. From my observation I think a few of them can go far, for example this one ex-student of mine. After a while I decide to order one of her product, my intention is to support what she is passionate to do, so I realized that she can do a cheese cake called "Oreo Cheese cake", and to tell you the truth I never tasted "Oreo Cheese cake" before... hehehehe....

So, on the 4th of December after Aidil Adha, my Oreo Cheese Cake was delivered... and it was nice the appearance was pretty even though it was smudge a little bit, the taste was very lemony and zesty, just how I like my cheese cake... who ever wants to order from her can do so, just by visiting her blog at and all the info are there...

This is what it looks like

another view at my Oreo Cheese Cake...

So, for those out there who have the same kind of interest and wanted to share the experience and wanted me or someone to comment on their product can share with me... just leave your URL and I will visit your blog...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Restaurant at Menara Tinjau

Restaurant at Menara Tinjau, Ampang is located at the center of kuala lumpur. The name of the restaurant is Kl view Western Food Restaurant. The distance from Kelana Jaya to that restaurant is about 45 minutes. The restaurant have really warm ambiance. The decoration, lighting and surrounding is well arranged and can easily capture the eyes and attract customer.

During our time there, we’ve ordered 5 types of foods and 4 types of beverages. First food that we have ordered is Thai Style Fried Rice Seafood. The rice is cooked with black pepper, mix vegetables and seafood. The taste of the food is a little bit like Chinese fried rice, but adding up the taste of thai taste. The presentation of the food is simple but attractive.

The second dish is chicken spaghetti, when the food is arrives we were really impressed. The garnishing of the food is well arranged. The spaghetti sauce ware tasty and the spaghetti were al-dante. The taste of the sauce is not too sour.

We also ordered salted fish fried rice. It looks similar like fried rice but the taste is different. They don’t serve the fried rice with any additional ingredients, only salted fish and egg. The garnishing is simple; they use chili to make the dish attractive.

We also have ordered the spaghetti Cabonara. Even though we order 2 spaghetti but it’s not the same. Spaghetti cabonara is a dish that uses cream as the sauce. The spaghetti sauce is white in color, and serve it with a little bit of chicken and mix vegetables.

The last dish is Black Pepper Beef Rice. The rice is very delicious. It’s got its own special taste. The black pepper beef rice is not so spicy and not so sweet. The beef is soft and it was a rare dish. They serve a medium portion for the rice but it still makes me full. It special ingredient make it different from other restaurant. Is just like you were eating something new but you are used to it.

For the beverages, we have ordered 4 types of beverages. The drinks are Lychee Rose, Cappuccino Milk Shake, Sour Soup Q-Ball and Sour Soup + Blue. We are really impressed with all the drink. They have presented the drinks really good. The drinks are being served in different color. Customer will easily attracted when they see the drinks being served like this.

People can also see the view of whole Kuala Lumpur from this restaurant while eating. They also arrange and manage many functions. We hope that many people will go and try by their selves and gives their own opinion about this restaurant.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Shogun Japanese Buffet

To all fellow blogger, its been a while since I write a new post hehe. Maybe last month was the month of Ramadhan and my time was packed with other more important things that I as a Muslim have to commit with. So here I am again, as the festive of Eid Mubarak had past by and it's still not too late far me to wish you all "Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri".

For this post I would like to share my experience during the month of Ramadhan. As a food lover during this time I like to try new places where the price and the food were right for me. As we all know during this month there are many buffet promotions.

So I came a cross this one place called Shogun Japanese Buffet, I think its a worthwhile the experience.. the location is at One Utama 2nd floor, the price is RM45 per head "all you can eat"

Fresh Oyster with verities of sushi

verities of sushi sashimi

Steam Cod fish with Miso Soup

Hot from the grill Tepanyaki

Crispy verities of Tempura

Friday, July 31, 2009

Authentic "Kopi Luwak"


Its a rainy day today, had a good night sleep. Now its 10.00am in the morning, I've finish all the necessary thing for preparation for next semester's class... cant wait to see my new student.. especially my basic cookery class... hehehe.

Today my post is about the most expensive coffee in the world, wow... how in the world did i get my hands on the most expensive coffee in the world? Have you guys heard about "Kopi Luwak". These authentic coffee can be found in south east Asia only due to the "luwak cat" can be found there only. I got my hand on the authentic coffee because my student bought it for me... I told her that I'm a coffee lover, so she bought 200gm for me. I ask her how much, but she never told me the price... but the tag says its expensive... hehehe

The coffee comes in a fancy goody bag like, very attractively presented, and a certificate saying the product is actually 100% Authentic, I guest the producer of the product are very serious about controlling the quality.
Did you guys know the process of kopi luwak... how it came about?

The Luwak (Paradoxusurus hermaphroditus) denizen of the coffee (kopi) plantations of Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi, eats only the ripest coffee cherries. The Luwak un able to digest the coffee beans, the Luwak graciously deposits them on the jungle floor where they are eagerly collected by locals. the stomach acid and enzymatic action involved in this unique fermentation process produce the beans for the world's rarest coffee beverage.

The taste of the coffee is a bit fruity the texture is not a s thick as coffee from the machine, but the aroma, its unexplainable, the aroma of coffee luwak have capture my heart... that's why I'm a coffee lover...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Restaurant SS2 Murni


Have you heard about pizza dragon, teh tarik tiga layer and pink panther? This is the special menu that are being served at Restaurant “SS2 Murni”.

Pink Panther

“SS2 Murni” is located in SS2 Petaling Jaya, the restaurant popularity are known among PJ residents due to the restaurant innovative menu that some how were special, and the has attracted many other customers including us. Our group comprising of four people decided to pay a visit to the restaurant to see what makes the restaurant so popular. As to our surprise when we were there we notice that the restaurant has no different from the others, but we realize that we were amaze when we saw the menu, as the varieties of food which were very innovated from any other places. When we started ordering the food, then we notice a lot of customers keeps on coming and occupies the whole restaurant, when the waiter deliver the food, the huge portion of the food looks very delicious.

We just have to tell you guys about the Dragon, this is how it looks like

and this is the view inside.... MMMM!!!!

As we were enjoying the food, my friend saw another customer was drinking something that looks very weird then he called upon the waiter to find out about the refreshment, and they said it 's "teh tarik tiga layer" then he ordered one.

"Teh 3 layer"

Not only had they served varieties of innovative food it also has a reasonable price. There’s many more other mouth watering food that we could try should we coming back again we would to try other. I personally had experience a very different kind of that have being here and my friend also has the same opinion.

Raibina Longan

Singapore noodle

the happy face after a meal at SS2 Murni....