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Friday, June 26, 2009

Naluri Cafe


Greetings my fellow blogger, today I want to share with you a restaurant in Shah Alam that have their own concept which is unique and different form any other trend that we have today in the Foodservice Industry. As we all know now a days, the trend in the Foodservice Industry today are the "mamak phenomena" and "kopitiam phenomena" from my perception, both are a good concept but the phenomena are to congested the business grows like mushroom after a rainy day... and sometime I get bored with these two trend that our Industry have...

So, what I want to share here are a total different thing from the trend, I believed that the concept that "Naluri Cafe" do are better. It has its own menu concept, its own way of deco, cosy environment, and if there is a special event they provide buffet service... cool!!

This is the atmosphere of Naluri Cafe

The Menu board (they have Mexican dish)

The signage (operation hours)

This is watermelon juice serve in a stylish glass

My all time favourite sirap bandung

Instead of roti canai why don't we try "cucur udang" in the evening

haha Waffle with Ice cream

Check out the Gourmet Burger

Well how about that, did I get to make you mouth watering, and satisfy your need to check out new place to hang out? hahaha..... My ratting are 4 thumbs up out of five. 1 bad thing about Naluri Cafe is they closed on Sunday. But in the end I like the way they present their food...

A little info on Naluri Cafe:

3, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah
J/9J Seksyen 9
40000, Shah Alam
Tel: 0358804213 / 0192104399

Monday, June 15, 2009

Saba' Restaurant


Greetings my friend, here I am still alive and what a post I got for you guys.... Last week end on the 14th of June 2009 (Sunday) me, Azhan, and Kamal were on a mission to find the most talk about Arabic food restaurant in Cyberjaya. The restaurant was famous among Malaysian Airline (MAS) staff, and guess how I know about this place.... Azhan works at MAS.... hehehehe.

So from Shah Alam, we make our move at 2.00 since we were trying to gather some more guys, but we end up the three of us... its ok... nothing gonna stop us now...

on the left is Kamal, and on the rite is Azhan

When we reach Cyberjaya, we were going round and round since we don't know the actual location, but luckily in Azhan car, he got a GPS..... even though we trust on the GPS but still we have to make a U turn at Putrajaya hehehehe..... I think if we talk about this after 20 years, it will still make us lough... hahahahaha

This is how the Restaurant looks like, sorry to say this but if your not from Cyberjaya, you wont notice the signage.... The location was hidden in the heart of Cyberjaya, but people still look for this place.

When I walked in and sit, there were many Arabs... Don't know where they came from, probably the near by University or College. Well, we are a multi cultural country anyway....

This is the interior of the restaurant, it has a small space due to its not a corner lot, but the outside sitting were full... next to it is the Shawerma kebab, roasting area... the smell makes me want to stay there for ever... hehehehe

And this is what we order on that day.... for my drink I ordered Bavaria malt its not a beer cause it says there 0.0% acl... and for my lunch I had "Lamb tikka" its a roasted chunk of lamb, serve with Humus and thin bread, my friend Kamal ordered "Lamb Kabsah with rice" its the speciality Arab rice serve with braised lamb and salsa.... emmm I tell, I should order that... the lamb melts in your mouth..... then Azhan ordered "Chicken Shawerma Sandwich" its a BBQ chicken with shawerma marination wrapped in thin bread... hmmm fingers licking good I tell you...

Bavaria Malt

Lamb Tikka

Lamb Kabsah with Rice

Chicken Shawerma Sandwich

Hummus with Bread

Well guys how's that? even when I'm writing about it makes me imagine that I'm still there... hehehehe

Here the Info of the restaurant:

TEL: 03-83202544

My rating for the place 4 and a half thumbs up... (the other half, due to bad presentation of the food)
plus a recommendations from me.....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"RASA" Photo Shoot at UNITAR


Just want to share with every body that last Friday the 5th of June 2009 there was a photo shooting session at University Tun Abdul Razak for RASA magazine. So, in order to fulfill the request by RASA, me and Chef Dollah have to come out with 10 (ten) recipes for the photo shoot.

This is Chef Dollah in action, he's an experience chef, I think every one in the industry knows him hehehe.... although sometimes people are uncomfortable with him there and then, but for me he is friendly very full of knowledge in the culinary world, I learned a lot from him.... at the back there is Bob, my student.

here's some snaps during our mise-un-plus for the photo shoot, we were assist by two student which is Bob and firdaus, although sweat were pouring like waterfall but in the end it was a job well done.

Oh not to forget the journalists from RASA magazine which is Kak Norseda and I forgot the photographer's name... sorry bro...

And lastly the end product... SUPERB!!! hehehe.... if you guys want to know the recipes that we give, then you guys better buy RASA magazine for October edition...

Tell you what, I'll just show you a little bit hehehe... (the recipe, I'll give on my next post)

Ikan kering berpetai

Cencaru goreng kicap pudina

Bergedil Dging

Sotong rendam berkuah kacang

Cencaru Sumbat

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Sata" in Pekan, Pahang


On the 28th of May, FHTM research team went on a recce (riki) mission to Pekan, Pahang. The mission is to identify the boarders of Pekan districts... along the way we manage to find lots of interesting thing, especially along the coastal area, the view was very magnificent....

But, what is interesting about this post is that we found in one of the sub district at Pekan there's this one kampung at Tanjung Selangor there's a family business that produce our local culinary delight which is "Sata" its an east coast of Peninsular Malaysia's signature dish.... usually found in Terengganu.

Sata was created due to over supply of fish in those days (thousand years ago) hehehe... so the fishermen try to preserve the fish another way, instead of salting it or drying the fish, they blend and mash it with grated coconut add some seasoning and wallah!! Sata is created....

pic 1 shows the signage, pic 2 the starting of the process deboning the fish, pic 3 grated the coconut, pic 4 mixing all the ingredient

then the mixture is wrapped in banana leaves, shaped like a cone....

then skewed on a skewer so that its easy to grill them

the ingredient for sata is:
1) Flesh of ikan tamban
2) Grated coconut
3) Red onion
4) Cili padi
5) Daun kunyit
6) Sugar
7) Salt

Yeh that's us having a go at Sata... to tell you the truth, the sata was moist, sweet, and if we have it right after it was taken of the grill still smoking hot, I tell you my friends it melts in your mouth..

for me, although I've tasted Sata before from other place, but it cannot beat the taste of Sata at Tanjung Selangor Pekan Pahang.... the experience complete my mission at Pekan... huhuhuhu!