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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Restaurant at Menara Tinjau

Restaurant at Menara Tinjau, Ampang is located at the center of kuala lumpur. The name of the restaurant is Kl view Western Food Restaurant. The distance from Kelana Jaya to that restaurant is about 45 minutes. The restaurant have really warm ambiance. The decoration, lighting and surrounding is well arranged and can easily capture the eyes and attract customer.

During our time there, we’ve ordered 5 types of foods and 4 types of beverages. First food that we have ordered is Thai Style Fried Rice Seafood. The rice is cooked with black pepper, mix vegetables and seafood. The taste of the food is a little bit like Chinese fried rice, but adding up the taste of thai taste. The presentation of the food is simple but attractive.

The second dish is chicken spaghetti, when the food is arrives we were really impressed. The garnishing of the food is well arranged. The spaghetti sauce ware tasty and the spaghetti were al-dante. The taste of the sauce is not too sour.

We also ordered salted fish fried rice. It looks similar like fried rice but the taste is different. They don’t serve the fried rice with any additional ingredients, only salted fish and egg. The garnishing is simple; they use chili to make the dish attractive.

We also have ordered the spaghetti Cabonara. Even though we order 2 spaghetti but it’s not the same. Spaghetti cabonara is a dish that uses cream as the sauce. The spaghetti sauce is white in color, and serve it with a little bit of chicken and mix vegetables.

The last dish is Black Pepper Beef Rice. The rice is very delicious. It’s got its own special taste. The black pepper beef rice is not so spicy and not so sweet. The beef is soft and it was a rare dish. They serve a medium portion for the rice but it still makes me full. It special ingredient make it different from other restaurant. Is just like you were eating something new but you are used to it.

For the beverages, we have ordered 4 types of beverages. The drinks are Lychee Rose, Cappuccino Milk Shake, Sour Soup Q-Ball and Sour Soup + Blue. We are really impressed with all the drink. They have presented the drinks really good. The drinks are being served in different color. Customer will easily attracted when they see the drinks being served like this.

People can also see the view of whole Kuala Lumpur from this restaurant while eating. They also arrange and manage many functions. We hope that many people will go and try by their selves and gives their own opinion about this restaurant.


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