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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vivo Bukit Tinggi


Hmmm where to start..... these few weeks have been restless for me, just got back from Kuantan, got classes to conduct, and classes to attend, got assignment to give out and also assignment that I have to finish... So today I steal some of my precious time just to scribble about this place I just went with my special someone...

It was that day when we don't know where to go and have lunch at, somehow or rather we end up at Jaya Jusco Bukit Tinggi Klang... so we planed just go in a restaurant that catches both our interest.. hehehe... I wanted to go to a Japanese joint, but I have to consider what we both like.... so as we went around and around we finally end up at this one place called Vivo, the ambiance looks like a kopitiam.. but the menu is more of a western Mediterranean type... so we're both happy with the menu... 

She's having Chamomile Tea

for starter I'm having the Classic Caesar Salad
and Bananarama for my drink

she's having Seafood Baked Rice

and my main course is the Beef Lasagna

In conclusion what I can say about this place is I give it a 2 and a half thumbs up, the Seafood Bake Rice was very nice but... the Beef Lasagna tasted very funny.... My suggestion, don't order the Beef Lasagna... hehehehe

Store #003/01
41200 KLANG


Khursiah Aziz said...

eh wah...adik kita nie dah ada teman baru...kalau berkenan just grab it...

Ekin Razak said...

chef..try VIVO kt the curve..lg best!!