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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Keropok Lekor Kuantan


On the 19th of December 2009, FHTM research team went on a recce (riki) mission to Kuantan, Pahang. The mission is to identify the boarders of Pahang Coastal area... along the way we manage to find lots of interesting thing, especially along the coastal area, the view was very magnificent....

But, what is interesting about this post is that we found in one of the area along the way there's this one kampung at Cherating there's a family business that produce our local culinary delight which is "Keropok lekor" its an east coast of Peninsular Malaysia's signature dish.... usually found in Terengganu.

keropok lekor is a dish where by it is eaten in the evening as a tea time dish... it is made from any kind of fish, but usually made with ikan tamban, kembung, or tengiri. The easiest way to describe Keropok Lekor is to call it fish sausage.. hehehe...

This is the are where the production takes place

The owner are well equipped with the right equipments

the cooking process 1st boil, then deep fry...

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