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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pulut Kuning


Pulut Kuning is one of the Malay culture special dish, it is made from gluttonous rice soaked in water with a little turmeric as a coloring agent and it is cooked using steaming method and season with salt and coconut milk for that extra flavor. Usually Pulut Kuning is serve with Rendang, gulai, or sometime sambal tumis, depend on which state of Malaysia you are from. For me I like it with Rendang daging. This so called special dish is usually serve during special occasions such as weddings, majlis berkhatan, majlis khatam Qur'an, majlis cukur jambul, or engagement ceremony. Basically the symbolic of serving Pulut Kuning at this occasion is to show respect and gratitude to the guests, they say without the Pulut Kuning the occasion will loose its sense of harmony... well that's what the old folks told me hehehe...

Enough oh history and culture session, for this post I wanted to share with you guys that last Saturday on the 11th of December, my Auntie ordered from me this special dish of Pulut Kuning, she said its for her friends wedding... so I check my schedule and I'm free on that date, so with out delay or any hesitations, I made her request came true...

This is the preparation, I don't want to do like in those day presentation, I wanted to present the Pulut Kuning my own way, the modern way. hehehehe... the problem I face during the preparation is before this I visualise the Pulut Kuning with parsley leaves, but as I purchase the raw material, I couldn't find any parsley, I went around from market to super market in Shah Alam and I couldn't find any parsley... So I start thinking critically and finally I found something green to replace the parsley... hehehe and it makes my Pulut Kuning more attractive compare if I'd used a parsley... Job well done...

this is what it looks like in close up

the view of the rendang, my mom said its the best rendang I ever made.
my secrete is to cook without a recipe.

another angle of the Pulut Kuning

this one I just get carried away with shooting my product hehehehe

and lastly the whole picture...

Just to share some info: actually I'm doing this as a side income for me depend on my busy schedule, if the time is rite then I'll take the job....

If anyone interested, my package are:
1kg plus rendang RM150
2kg plus rendang RM250
3kg plus rendang RM350

(each kg equivalent to one layer) you can just email me at