Jom Kira

Monday, November 22, 2010



Steak oh steak, 
you are so beefy,
you melt in my mouths,
you make me fall,
with just salt and paper,
plus a strong D'ijon  mustard... you make my day
and its a Sunday....

Fuh, last Sunday was great... its started with a plan for a movie outing, and it end up with a whole lot of beef all day.. hehehe our first stop is Chilie's at MidValey Mega Mall... before the Zohor prayer we had lunch there, we had the Mushroom Fajitas.... well its a good "Appetizer"... hehehehe

 the condiments for a good Mexican cuisine... I think I want to add this in the syllabus for next semester..

Then we watch "unstoppable" where there's Denzel Washington in the movie... well in the end they stop the train actually, don't know why the movie called "unstoppable"... hehehehe ok enough of the boring MidValey story, after Asar prayer we head straight to the long awaits so call my ever wanting to dine in at Las Vacas... finally I've lay my foot step at the restaurant... wow it feel as if it is a great achievement hehehehe...

Anyway #clear throat* Las Vacas used to be just a butcher shop located in Kelana Jaya... then they expend to a small restaurant which took of very well and they sell good HALAL quality meat... so we decide to have an early dinner... yahooooooo

This is what I had, a medium well, 270gm Angus rib eye steak... with just salt paper and a good strong Dijon mustard... I feel like a kid again.... I don't know how to express my self... the beef so tender it melts in my mouth, the flavor is not similar to the Aussie beef... huh! 

This is what she had, a medium well Aussie grass feed 180gm rib eye steak... hehehe 

(the sound of satisfaction)

P/S: LAS VACAS (in Spanish)
Literally: The Cows.
(Las = The, Vacas = Cows)


Aida said...

enough of the boring mid valley story, huh?
she told me that someone requested for replenishment of 8 pcs tortillas skin and had a 'regular' size black coffee.

Ahmad Tongkeng said...

dude, gugur jantung aku tgk gambar2 steaks tuh..

TOLONGGGGLAH recommend aku nanti okay! Serious nak try..

chefzyco said...

Aida: the Midvalley story is not boring its just not suitable telling it here... u understand right...

Tongkeng:jom selamba.. ko gaji nanti belanja aku amacam?

Khursiah Aziz said...

emmm..sedapnya...malam nie nak masak daging korban la..

chefzyco said...

kak kushi, masak lebih sikit, nanti bawak datang office kite makan kat pantry hehehehehe

Azuradushku said...

salam, I'm new here.
i love the way you describe the foods i guess that's what makes a good chef really are kan :)
anyway, may i know nama tempat for the steaks? is La Vacas is the name of the restaurant?

thanks! please tell us more where to eat.