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Saturday, November 27, 2010



I just want to share, that last week was the finals for my student who is taking the International Cuisine course with me... I have 4 sections, and an average of 20 students per sections... fuh to many to handle... well Alhamdulillah every thing went well... So, for this sem's final exam I wanted to do something different, as all of us knows now a days there's many shows on astro that show a  cooking competition and I'm influence by that... so why not this time I do a black box concept for the final exam... hehehe... actually that black box concept will identify the truly identity of that certain chef... I know that my students are under qualified, but its exam right, and I want to expose something new to them, I wanted them to cook with their soul, show some genuine touch in their cooking and whether they can be resourceful with just limited ingredients, cooking is not just following recipes... sometime you have to improvise... Well... hehehehe... Before the exam I already explain to them what are the rules, I wanted 2 person in a group, 2 course (appetizer and main course), 2 portions, and 2 secret ingredient... the secret ingredient will be known on the exam day... hahahaha... Well it give them goose bump listening to the rules... I know some of the don't take it seriously, Hmmmmm..(making an angry face)..... so here are the top 5 appetizer out of the 4 sections and the top 5 main course out of the 4 sections, they are hand picked by me, because they show me genuine, resourcefulness, and soul in their masterpiece... its a work of art... (smile on my face)


No 1: goes to this dish, a masterpiece by Syuk, and Jon
Asian Bean Sprout Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

No 2: goes to Izzat and Nasrullah
Stricky Beef and Vege with Pumpkin Guacamole wrapped in Tortillas

No 3: goes to Naem and Kien
Sweet Potato in Beef Roulade serve with Pickled Mayo

No 4: goes to our lovely couple Audi and Diyana
Bean Sprout and Carrot Rolled in Stricky Beef serve with Spicy Special Sauce

No 5: goes to Zaimah and Ali
Breaded Tapioca Paties seasoned with Mince Beef, Fresh Herbs


No 1: goes to the Masterpiece by Naem and Kien
Grilled Fillet of Beef served with Mushroom Au'Jus accompanied by Rooms Potatos and Onion Confit

No 2: goes to Izzat and Nasrullah
Grilled Rack of Lamb served with Mushroom Herb Sauce accompanied by Cheesy Mash Potato and Sauted Vege

No 3: goes to Syuk and Jon
Herb Crusted Chicken served with Mushroom Sauce accompanied by Wrapped Saute Vege and Potato Au'Gratin

No 4: goes to Azuan and Hishaam
Sea Bass Wrapped in Stricky Beef served with Garlic Vinaigrette accompanied by Tomato Salsa and Baby Potato

No 5: goes to Dalilla and yusrina
Sea Bass Roulade served with Poissons Volute accompanied by Garlic Mashed and Bean Sprout Salad

Well, thats all the top 5 appetizers and main course... For the others who didn't make it to the top 5, does not mean that their dish is not good, but it is just that they did not put enough soul in their dishes... and I know some of their products end up in the rubbish bin, because it deserve to be in there.. I hope that teaches everyone a lesson, take things more seriously next time, put your heart and soul in your work... thats it from me..


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