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Friday, June 26, 2009

Naluri Cafe


Greetings my fellow blogger, today I want to share with you a restaurant in Shah Alam that have their own concept which is unique and different form any other trend that we have today in the Foodservice Industry. As we all know now a days, the trend in the Foodservice Industry today are the "mamak phenomena" and "kopitiam phenomena" from my perception, both are a good concept but the phenomena are to congested the business grows like mushroom after a rainy day... and sometime I get bored with these two trend that our Industry have...

So, what I want to share here are a total different thing from the trend, I believed that the concept that "Naluri Cafe" do are better. It has its own menu concept, its own way of deco, cosy environment, and if there is a special event they provide buffet service... cool!!

This is the atmosphere of Naluri Cafe

The Menu board (they have Mexican dish)

The signage (operation hours)

This is watermelon juice serve in a stylish glass

My all time favourite sirap bandung

Instead of roti canai why don't we try "cucur udang" in the evening

haha Waffle with Ice cream

Check out the Gourmet Burger

Well how about that, did I get to make you mouth watering, and satisfy your need to check out new place to hang out? hahaha..... My ratting are 4 thumbs up out of five. 1 bad thing about Naluri Cafe is they closed on Sunday. But in the end I like the way they present their food...

A little info on Naluri Cafe:

3, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah
J/9J Seksyen 9
40000, Shah Alam
Tel: 0358804213 / 0192104399


RuNNi said...
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RuNNi said...

Hiiii! I'm the daughter of the owner of the cafe.... thanx for blogging us up... and give us the feedback-critiques are welcomed....