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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"RASA" Photo Shoot at UNITAR


Just want to share with every body that last Friday the 5th of June 2009 there was a photo shooting session at University Tun Abdul Razak for RASA magazine. So, in order to fulfill the request by RASA, me and Chef Dollah have to come out with 10 (ten) recipes for the photo shoot.

This is Chef Dollah in action, he's an experience chef, I think every one in the industry knows him hehehe.... although sometimes people are uncomfortable with him there and then, but for me he is friendly very full of knowledge in the culinary world, I learned a lot from him.... at the back there is Bob, my student.

here's some snaps during our mise-un-plus for the photo shoot, we were assist by two student which is Bob and firdaus, although sweat were pouring like waterfall but in the end it was a job well done.

Oh not to forget the journalists from RASA magazine which is Kak Norseda and I forgot the photographer's name... sorry bro...

And lastly the end product... SUPERB!!! hehehe.... if you guys want to know the recipes that we give, then you guys better buy RASA magazine for October edition...

Tell you what, I'll just show you a little bit hehehe... (the recipe, I'll give on my next post)

Ikan kering berpetai

Cencaru goreng kicap pudina

Bergedil Dging

Sotong rendam berkuah kacang

Cencaru Sumbat


maymay612_ong said...

I just saw your blog! very interesting ler!! What a success!
the dishes looks very delicious...hope i can taste them...hahhaha
your journey to pahang seems very enjoying..i never been there before, and never tasted the food there. but i do get some info from your blog. Thanks.. From -May

Lady Arween said...

Sedapnya tgk pic yang you letak..terliur...I nak minta izin linkkan your blog to mine..blh follow tips masakan you

Azhan said...

The Sotong Rendam looks interesting! Alas, I'll probably never get to taste any of the above food since I'm no good in the kitchen, even if I were to buy that RASA magazine you were talking about.