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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Sata" in Pekan, Pahang


On the 28th of May, FHTM research team went on a recce (riki) mission to Pekan, Pahang. The mission is to identify the boarders of Pekan districts... along the way we manage to find lots of interesting thing, especially along the coastal area, the view was very magnificent....

But, what is interesting about this post is that we found in one of the sub district at Pekan there's this one kampung at Tanjung Selangor there's a family business that produce our local culinary delight which is "Sata" its an east coast of Peninsular Malaysia's signature dish.... usually found in Terengganu.

Sata was created due to over supply of fish in those days (thousand years ago) hehehe... so the fishermen try to preserve the fish another way, instead of salting it or drying the fish, they blend and mash it with grated coconut add some seasoning and wallah!! Sata is created....

pic 1 shows the signage, pic 2 the starting of the process deboning the fish, pic 3 grated the coconut, pic 4 mixing all the ingredient

then the mixture is wrapped in banana leaves, shaped like a cone....

then skewed on a skewer so that its easy to grill them

the ingredient for sata is:
1) Flesh of ikan tamban
2) Grated coconut
3) Red onion
4) Cili padi
5) Daun kunyit
6) Sugar
7) Salt

Yeh that's us having a go at Sata... to tell you the truth, the sata was moist, sweet, and if we have it right after it was taken of the grill still smoking hot, I tell you my friends it melts in your mouth..

for me, although I've tasted Sata before from other place, but it cannot beat the taste of Sata at Tanjung Selangor Pekan Pahang.... the experience complete my mission at Pekan... huhuhuhu!


Munira Haji Saaidin said... informative to know how sata being made. normally i had ate sata that already been cooked. where???? in mersing... what a nice memory over there....

Khursiah Aziz_Hotel Studies_FHTM said...

Next research to Pekan bulan Ogos, boleh la kita pergi makan kat tak sabar..nak makan sata

Dr Naim said...

Zaid, can we have a 'sata making' competition and then 'sata makan' competition at the faculty.

Azhan said...

Uhm. Where do I sign up to be a faculty member?