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Monday, June 15, 2009

Saba' Restaurant


Greetings my friend, here I am still alive and what a post I got for you guys.... Last week end on the 14th of June 2009 (Sunday) me, Azhan, and Kamal were on a mission to find the most talk about Arabic food restaurant in Cyberjaya. The restaurant was famous among Malaysian Airline (MAS) staff, and guess how I know about this place.... Azhan works at MAS.... hehehehe.

So from Shah Alam, we make our move at 2.00 since we were trying to gather some more guys, but we end up the three of us... its ok... nothing gonna stop us now...

on the left is Kamal, and on the rite is Azhan

When we reach Cyberjaya, we were going round and round since we don't know the actual location, but luckily in Azhan car, he got a GPS..... even though we trust on the GPS but still we have to make a U turn at Putrajaya hehehehe..... I think if we talk about this after 20 years, it will still make us lough... hahahahaha

This is how the Restaurant looks like, sorry to say this but if your not from Cyberjaya, you wont notice the signage.... The location was hidden in the heart of Cyberjaya, but people still look for this place.

When I walked in and sit, there were many Arabs... Don't know where they came from, probably the near by University or College. Well, we are a multi cultural country anyway....

This is the interior of the restaurant, it has a small space due to its not a corner lot, but the outside sitting were full... next to it is the Shawerma kebab, roasting area... the smell makes me want to stay there for ever... hehehehe

And this is what we order on that day.... for my drink I ordered Bavaria malt its not a beer cause it says there 0.0% acl... and for my lunch I had "Lamb tikka" its a roasted chunk of lamb, serve with Humus and thin bread, my friend Kamal ordered "Lamb Kabsah with rice" its the speciality Arab rice serve with braised lamb and salsa.... emmm I tell, I should order that... the lamb melts in your mouth..... then Azhan ordered "Chicken Shawerma Sandwich" its a BBQ chicken with shawerma marination wrapped in thin bread... hmmm fingers licking good I tell you...

Bavaria Malt

Lamb Tikka

Lamb Kabsah with Rice

Chicken Shawerma Sandwich

Hummus with Bread

Well guys how's that? even when I'm writing about it makes me imagine that I'm still there... hehehehe

Here the Info of the restaurant:

TEL: 03-83202544

My rating for the place 4 and a half thumbs up... (the other half, due to bad presentation of the food)
plus a recommendations from me.....


cinnamon said...

yes, presentation of d foods were very bad..

1)MAYBE u need to tell them how to present n plating the food to look more attractive and appetite..


2)that was their style in plating food... to save cost & budget MAYBE...

just my opinion..

Azhan said...

Nevertheless, the food is excellent!

SpankHugKiss said...

wonderful! i am a lover of food and one of the best arab food ( a bit pricy thou)is Al Diyafah at sri petaling. the lamb briyani is superbly delicious and so its the baklava. two thumbs up !!!

akmal said...

zaid ni kat mana restoren style arab ni?cyber tu besar beb?heheh

- SyAzWaN - said...

Debating for the presentation of the food..
Acct the reason why they didn't plating n present the food well bcoz if they do that, there are not enough time to serve other customer.. Hahhaa..
It's so pack there man..
It's true bcoz this is my opinion currently as a waiter in that restaurant...
So tired..
Nway.. y don't all of u try to come at ramadhan season..
I'm sure u'll be understand..

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